Membership Pricing

League Alliance membership provides access to the latest practices and resources in the community college field that can improve your college and provide professional development for faculty, staff, and administration.

League Alliance membership with an iStream subscription provides your institution access to premium content, as well as all Alliance member benefits. iStream is the League's comprehensive, online resource bank to help faculty, staff, and administrators stay abreast of cutting-edge trends, practices, and policy in the community college field.

Join the League Alliance or renew your Alliance membership at any time! Click here for information on how to become a member.

League Alliance Pricing
Prices in the table below reflect a 10% discount, valid for 2021-2022 membership.



Alliance With iStream

0 - 1,500 $825  $742.50 $2,825  $2,542.50
1,501 - 3,000 $950  $855 $3,450  $3,105
3,001 - 4,500 $1,050  $945 $4,050  $3,645
4,501 - 6,000 $1,150  $1,035 $4,650  $4,185
6,001 - 9,000 $1,250  $1,125 $5,250  $4,725
9,001+ $1,350  $1,215 $5,850  $5,265

Individual iStream Subscription: If your college is not an Alliance member, or is an Alliance member without an iStream subscription, you may purchase access to iStream's premium content. Click here to learn more.

Click here for information on how to become a member. If you have questions about membership, please contact Cynthia Wilson.

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