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League Community Groups center around League projects and initiatives, and provide a space for community college professionals and interested stakeholders to discuss issues, explore ideas, and share resources. We invite you to join community groups that are of special interest to you. New communities will be forming soon, so check back in coming weeks!

Public Groups

Community Colleges and Public Health

Welcome to the Community Colleges and Public Health (CC&PH) community group! The CC&PH Project is focused on the role of community colleges in education for public health.

Faculty Voices

Welcome to Faculty Voices, a League community group for community college faculty, both full- and part-time, to join the national conversation about student success and completion.

Faculty News

How does your school offer Developmental English courses? What have been some major concerns? What steps or practices have been implemented to help improve overall student success rates?

The following resources were developed by Public Agenda for use in Choicework Moderator Training Workshops held as part of the League for Innovation's Faculty Voices Project.

The Faculty Voices Project wants to hear from community college faculty, both full- and part-time, about their thoughts concerning the national focus on student completion.

Check out "On the Agenda," and learn about the work Faculty Voices Project partner, Public Agenda, is doing in higher education as well as in other areas of community and stakeholder engagement.Her

What issues surrounding student success and completion are important to you? What concerns do you have about the national focus on student completion?

The Center for Community College Student Engagement has released its newest report, Expectations Meet Reality: The Underprepared Student and Community Colleges, available for download at 

The Delphi Project on Changing Faculty and Student Success, led by Adrianna Kezar at USC, has produced several publications of interest to community college faculty and academic administrators.

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Visit the Faculty Voices blog at https://leaguefacultyvoices.wordpress.com.

The following list includes select resources concerning the national Completion Agenda.