San Jacinto College: Local Children Fitted for Free Glasses at See to Succeed Event

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This year's Kid's Vision for Life See to Succeed event at San Jacinto College impacted approximately 1,133 school children from the Pasadena Independent School District (PISD).

Out of those who visited the college for free eye examinations, 96 percent were issued eye glasses, and 154 received medical referrals for further eye care treatment. This is See to Succeed's third year in delivering free eye glasses to PISD children in need.

"The beauty of this partnership is that our students are able to receive the tools they need to become successful," said Renea Ivy, associate superintendent of Pasadena ISD. "A whole new world opens up for a child when he or she can finally see. It is a drastic change that impacts so many things they can do."

For fourth-grader, Angelina Guerrero, getting a new pair of glasses will help her get back on track in the classroom. "My glasses broke a month ago," said Guerrero. "I have been having to go up to the board to see what the teacher writes in class."

See to Succeed helps children across the Houston metroplex to receive the vision care they need free of charge. The initiative is coordinated by the Houston Department of Health and Human Services. Collaborative partners include San Jacinto College, University of Houston (UH) College of Optometry, Essilor Vision Foundation, Walmart, Berkeley Eye Center, and Luxottica One Sight Foundation.

According to the Kid's Vision for Life See to Succeed program, one in four children have an uncorrected vision problem. Fifty percent of children who fail school eye screenings never see an eye doctor. Children who can't read by third grade are more likely to drop out, to earn 50 percent less annually as adults, and to be incarcerated.

Debra Clarke, San Jacinto College eye care technology program director, said the rate of identifying students in schools, who need further eye care, is increasing. "After implementing this program, we are seeing that the prescreening being conducted out in the schools is working," said Clarke.

Last year, we had an averaged 88 percent capture rate on the number of students we were able to identify in needing eye care assistance. Now, we are seeing a averaged 93 percent rate. Also, being in our third year, we are noticing how students are becoming more relaxed with the idea of receiving eye examinations, and that is a huge improvement for their overall health.

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